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about Diana

With a background in Fine Art and Interior Architecture, Diana Adams found a way to combine her natural artistic talents with her respect for what the interior design industry is doing for creating more sustainable environments and life styles. The interior design and architectural industry has been leading the charge in sustainable design and reducing the our carbon foot print, but simultaneously generating waste of their own in the process. I want do my part in utilizing and upcycling what would have been discarded and giving it a new life. This could be anything from discontinued or excess samples that vendors creating for marketing, to scraps of materials left over from upholstery and building materials.


creative upcycling

SampleHAUS is a place where we create unique and one of a kind art work from interior design waste and discontinued marketing samples.

Among our current specialties are:

Custom Artwork from reused interior design samples.



More on the way, we’re always thinking of new ideas!

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